Information and councils

Page under construction, information collected in pages of interest to collect ideas to the hour to surprise to the person that goes to celebrate the birthday
Decora el espacio
Already we have the table put, now is missing to decorate the rest of the space, do it with the colours and the motive of the party, if it was a pink heart, put garlands with...
Pon un fotocall

Put a fotocall

That all the friends go through the fotocol, will have a wonderful memory and amused with his friends, afterwards can them to him command by email of memory to the...
Pon un quiosco

Put a kiosk

Where serve ice creams, cake, lemonade, what more like him to your son, is fun and go it to him to spend genial, serving his drunk and his sweet. You can it... - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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