celebraciones de cumpleaños en el prat
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The reservation will be able to do telefónicamente to the numbers 617 950 583// 664 528 284 also can send an email to our direction: fesfestaelprat@gmail.com 

To guarantee the reservation has to do a pay and signal of 50 euros by banking transfer.(The banking account will be informed in the mail of confirmation)

Before the party (can be half hour before the hired) will open the room, will explain the operation and will credit the pending payment. 
In front of  any emergency before or during the party can call   to the telephones 617 950583 /664 528284.

In case to want to remain more hours or want to leave before, has to call to the  telephones indicated.

Before the closing of the room has to collect and leave the venue in acceptable conditions. Also it has to clean the soil with the useful that facilitate him.

We pray:
  • That it do good use of the machines and the furniture.
  • That they do not stick things out of the special hooks.
  • That they do not paint the walls that are not of blackboard.
  • That they respect the agreed schedules.
  • That it respect the rest of the neighbours when exiting to smoke at night.
It will not be able to initiate the event if it has not credited the total payment of the price stipulated for the hire of the venue.
-Return of pay and signal: it does not apply. It will not do the return of the pay and signal.
-In case of cancellation or modification of the date of the event has to do by writing to the post indicated.  (In case of previous cancellation to the activity) can use the pay and signal  during 1 year in the date wished but always will be subject to availability and renunciation to any claim by the harms and/or damages that this could him ocasionar.
-The arrendador reserves the right of admission and permanence of the invited, and will be able to give by finalised the event in case of desafección of basic norms of behaviour and respect of the order and/or decorum.
-It is obligation of the client take care the installations and do manager of all harm caused by him or any one of his invited, are these main or minor of age. 

-Respect the ages and maximum capacity in our swimming pool of the park of balls.
-During all the party is indispensable that there is 1 main adult of 18 years.

-During the  ending of the event, the personnel of the room will arrive and will revise the installations.
It will have to leave all clean and collected, throw the rubbish, the chairs organised and the balls inside the swimming pool of the park of balls.
Before the farewell, the coordinator will value the satisfaction of the client and will check the state of all the elements of the room. In case to exist some flaw or break, east will run to charge of the client and will have to pay it before abandoning the room. 
  • Surpass the capacity of the room. (46 people)
  • Use any device reproductor of music that was not the one of the room.
  • Confeti, purpurina, balls and balloons.
  • Paste in the wall and decorate out of the places indicated.
  • Go up and jump on the sofas.
  • Enter lunch or drunk in the park.
  • Smoke in all the enclosure.
  • Entrance to minors of 18 years without being accompanied of a tutor. The minors of 18 years have forbidden the consumption of alcohol.
  • Bring animal of company.
  • Arms of fire, white arms, estupefacientes or psychoactive substances and his utilisation or consumption.
  • Store or use any dangerous substance, artificial fires, etc.
  • Cession of this agreement, without the permission expresses and written of the arrendador.

The Arrendador does not do responsible of the harms that could be ocasionados to the client, to his invited, and to his belongings in the room where develops the event. 

-For those that litigios could produce among the CLIENT and THE ARRENDADOR, both parts with renunciation of his own fuero, subject on purpose to the jurisdiction and competition of the courts of the province of Barcelona.
- When making the pay and signal the client accepts these conditions and norms of use.

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